Help desk infrastructure
service, call centers

We have telephone attention mechanisms to support our clients' lines of business. We provide a platform that allows IT specialists to address incidents they may encounter. Our service is adapted to each client and has the following features:

Transport equipment with medium or medium-high range call volume capacity.
Infrastructure and current market telephony technology.
Ability to operate a 01800 number to receive 120 active simultaneous calls and have 120 ports (calls) waiting.
Survey tools (monitoring) and statistics on calls received, attended or answered, not answered.
Call recording module for monitoring attention quality.
Robust transport infrastructure (Backbone) with guaranteed 1 GB links.
Transport equipment with high availability scenarios.
Telephone operation platforms supported by virtualization schemes and programmed backup tools, perimeter security and low network segmentation.
The management of call and ticket monitoring tools can be safely approached to remote supervisory offices via VPN.
Facilities for the start-up of call centers for up to 120 simultaneous specialists with adaptations for operating logistics and immediate technical response to incidents.